Enjoy tantra massage in Madrid

To get the best relaxation Tantra massages in Madrid, we have several techniques to expand the range of possibilities of our customers, get to know them 


Try our Tantra massage with two masseurs of your choice. In our exclusive Tantra massage using hot oil, the masseurs begin with a therapeutic massage to eliminate tensions and experience the best sensations.

We combine it with eroticism and a lot of sensuality through a synchronized Tantra massage technique; you will feel the touch of four hands through soft movements combined harmoniously with body-body techniques and soft muscle manipulations, obtaining a mixture of pleasant sensations. We activate more sensitive zones and generate a very pleasant well-being, which will make this a unique experience. 


You have the option of having a massage from two female masseurs or male and female masseurs, specialized in tantric techniques, which always give you the most pleasurable satisfaction and the deepest excitation.

Tantra Massage in Madrid
Sensual thai massage in Madrid


This Tantra massage is a mix of oriental techniques (Thai, Balinese, Lomi-Lomi) that combines with the sensual and erotic touch of each masseuse. She will start with a sweet and delicate touch, which will continue with Thai pressures (chakra points) to loosen the tensions. Using hot oil, she will massage, and pressure different parts of the body based on customer request, thus activating the sensitive points, and providing a pleasurable Tantra massage.


This exiting massage includes therapeutic actions and will end in an erotic game and finish with the lingam massage tecnique. Tantra massage is a type of erotic massage that combines physical and spiritual elements to provide a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Learn about all the benefits of tantra massage, which include reducing stress, increasing energy levels and improving overall well-being, and discover the different types of tantra massage available, such as classic tantra massage and four-handed tantra massage.


Tantra Massage is an exquisite blend of sensuality and spirituality. Unveil the transformative benefits of this ancient practice, from stress reduction to heightened vitality, and explore an array of specialized options like classic and four-handed tantra massage, a journey of self-discovery and relaxation designed exclusively for those seeking deep wellness.


Tantra massage sensitive with hot stones is accompanied with the sensual and sensitive touch of the masseuse. She combines an erotic touch to the therapeutic part. This massage activates specific points of the muscle using heat: hot stones. It activates circulation and energy meridians. It clears the systems from toxins, reduction of stress of daily activities, and helps with muscle recovery. A body being free of all these negative elements favour a mental synergy. 

We conclude the hot stones session with a erotic body-body massage and finish with a lingam massage technique.

Enjoying a relaxing hot stone massage offers countless benefits for both body and mind. This luxurious therapeutic experience combines the soothing power of touch with the therapeutic properties of hot stones, promoting deep relaxation and stress relief. Hot stones, strategically placed at key points on the body, help release muscle tension, improve blood circulation and relieve chronic pain. The gentle pressure and heat of the stones promotes peace of mind by calming the nervous system and promoting an overall sense of well-being.

relax massage in madrid
Relaxing tantra massage in Madrid for couples


This Tantra massage has a double objective. While you enjoy actions on your body: sensitive touch, body-body and therapeutic muscle massage, it is complemented by the pleasure to watch your partner enjoy the same sensations. Discover new pleasures with this tantra massage for couples, by becoming accomplices in increasing excitement level, the pleasurable union and the final ecstasy. 


You can do it with female and male masseurs, or with two female masseurs, specialists in offering you a pleasant and relaxing experience.


Body-to-body contact and therapeutic muscle massages is the added pleasure of witnessing your partner relish the same euphoric sensations. Together, you become accomplices in heightening excitement, forging a deeper connection, and ultimately reaching a state of blissful ecstasy.


Dare trying different experiences? Through the firm touch of a male masseur, experience and increase the feeling.

Our masseur begins with a delicate and sensitive touch, a therapeutic Tantra massage combined with eroticism. He uses his firm hands, his forearms, his buttocks and strong legs to provide a mix of sensations; body-body and muscle massage, he activates the erogenous zones to culminate with the lingam massage technique, making this an incomparable sensitive experience. 

Our Tantra Relaxing Massage in Madrid, tailored specifically for men by an expert male masseuse, offers a unique and rejuvenating experience that goes beyond traditional relaxation techniques. Through a combination of gentle caresses, rhythmic movements and the use of natural energy flow, this specialized massage aims to enhance sensuality, release tension and promote a deep sense of relaxation. An intimate and personalized experience that allows for a deep connection between mind and body.

Enjoy an intense experience with our Tantra massage techniques, sensual touches throughout the tantra massage session that will take you to pure pleasure!

Relaxing tantra massage in Madrid for men by a male masseur