masaje de chica en Madrid

Massage girl in Madrid or boy: it is your decision

With our massage girl in Madrid or boy, we will get your stimulation through caresses to increase the sexual excitation. We take advantage of the body-to-body contact, emphasizing the erogenous zones of both sexes to reach the goal of satisfying our customers.


The benefits of massage girl in Madrid or boy are very diverse, we highlight the most common:


  • Increase sexual desire through prolonged stimulation.
  • Help our body to get more stimulation.
  • Get out of the monotony, with our creativity we will reach a pleasant end.
  • Get several orgasms.


See you at your hotel with your reserved massage session; Monday to Sunday from 11:00 to 02:00.

It is necessary to book 60 minutes before the beginning of the appointment for a better attention.


For sessions in the outskirts of Madrid we charge an extra 30€ for the taxi fee. In addition to the other expenses.



If the customer has no room for the massage; we arrange appointments at Luxtal (hourly rates), these are located in Cuzco and Av. De América. This price is assumed by the customer (€35 per hour)

masaje de chica en Madrid

No room available? No worries, we book it for you!

Luxtal Cuzco


Address: Calle de Juan Ramón Jiménez 8, 28036 Madrid


Luxtal Balboa


Address: Calle de María de Molina & Calle de Núñez de Balboa, 28006 Madrid


Can’t wait? Would you like to try our services with a female or a male ? Or maybe both…?

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