Happy Ending Massage in Madrid

Experts Masseurs in Body-Body Massage


Spanish, 23 years old, specialist in tantric and sensual massage. Serves men and couples.

Laura has a slender figure worked in the gym; her sensual body and beautiful breasts will be the perfect formula to give you pleasure. This masseuse uses the mentioned massage techniques with a sensual erotic touch.

Languages: Spanish and English

Availability: From 11:00 to 02:00


Spanish, 24 years old, qualified masseuse. Strong legs, silky white skin, firm body worked in the gym. Serves men and couples.

Paula is a masseuse with a level of delicacy and unique elegance. Her sweet and sensual treatment will envelop you in each session; You will feel the passion in each one of her movements, making your massage a delicious experience.

Languages: Spanish and English basic

Availability: From 11:00 to 02:00


Spanish, 30 years old. Qualified masseuse. Slim and defined body that combines delicacy and firmness. Serves men, and couples.

Specialist in erotic body-to-body massage with a therapeutic touch. Melina is full of sexual energy, her femininity traps you, taking you to reach the climax. Her firm and at the same time exotic touch will take you to another level of pleasure.


Languages: Spanish and English

Availability: From 11:00 to 02:00


Spanish, 24 years old, sensual body to which her beautiful curves and firm breasts are joined. Qualified masseuse. Serves men, and couples.

Diana combines the sensuality of the sensitive massage with the erotic touch, the body to body, the displacements with the pressure and the firmness of a therapeutic massage, forming the perfect formula for to obtain a complete massage.

Languages: Spanish, french and english

Availability: From 17:00 to 23:30


Spanish, 29 years old, 1.70 in height, qualified masseuse specialist in Thai and Balinese massage. Serves men, women and couples.

Sara fuses the oriental techniques mentioned with a sensual and erotic touch; her firm hands, sensual body and natural breasts will give you the best body-to-body massage you have ever received. This masseuse combines sensuality and therapeutic knowledge in equal parts.

Languages: Spanish and English

Availability: From 11:00 to 02:00


Spanish, 39 years old, qualified masseuse with more than ten years of experience in erotic massage. Serves men, women and couples. You will be able to enjoy his wide knowledge in the tantric world; His technique for the final lingam or yoni will make you feel hidden pleasures.

Nice gym body with firm an intense touch; you will enjoy with him, a sensual and unforgettable erotic massage.

Languages: Spanish and English

Availability: From 11:00 to 00:00